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Most are recreational gamblers who justify their gambling as a form of entertainment, just having fun. This sports betting manual is for those that don't bet on sports for fun, but bet on sports to make money. There is a big difference. Sure, everyone wants to win the bets they place, but few are disciplined enough to educate themselves and apply the methods of what they've learned. These are the 10 strategies that are explained in the book: 1. Make a bet for one reason and one reason only 2.

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Thinking, and betting, like the pros Most people in sports betting are looking at things the wrong way. Lots of books and websites give advice on profitable strategies - and tipsters and systems proliferate. But this is the only guide that helps you make your trades and bank your wins for the long term, avoiding the perennial dangers of overconfidence, irrationality and emotion. However successful your selections, you are never safe from crippling losses until you know how to bet with the clear head and calm approach of the masters.

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